IOFAS was setup in 2007 by the first specialist foot and ankle surgeon in Ireland, Professor Michael Stephens with the purpose of promoting the development of Foot and Ankle surgery within Ireland and to advance education, study and research for the benefit of the public and health professional and in furtherance of these objects but not otherwise:

  1. To disseminate the results of current research to the members of the society and the medical profession.
  2. To provide Orthopaedic surgeons with the resource for the management of difficult clinical problems through case discussion.
  3. Promote delivery of highest standard of foot and ankle care to the people of Ireland
  4. Move forward in the International Community through education and research
  5. Encourage Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery training in conjunction with the Regional Training Programmes.
  6. Raise public awareness of important foot and ankle conditions
  7. In order to promote these objectives funds will be raised through Membership and sponsorship (without favour or prejudice).

PRESIDENT: Mr Alistair Wilson

Presidental Timeline